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Exclusive Family Guy Video: Peter Griffin’s Most Epic Celebrity Feud Revealed


Family Guy  returns from its winter hiatus Sunday (8:30/7:30c, Fox) with a new crop of celebrity jabs in store, but there’s one jab executive producer  Steve Callaghan  will never forget.

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TVLine has an exclusive behind-the-scenes video feature, in which Callaghan recalls Peter’s letter to The Princess Bride‘s Cary Elwes — and the response he never thought he’d get!

“That episode aired on a Sunday night, and the very next day … who shows up in our writers room but Cary Elwes himself, in person, having written a response,” Callaghan says.

Thankfully, Elwes took it on the chin, and this video contains his entire (hilarious) letter back to Peter.

Watch Callaghan’s video below, then hit the comments: Which of Peter’s countless celebrity interactions has been your favorite? (I’m partial to his Luke Perry seduction.)

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