Marshmallows are the hot new thing in ‘fine dining’


Fine dining takes on a whole new meaning when a key ingredient from a popular campfire dessert ends up in dishes: marshmallows. The under-celebrated white puffball is finding its way into some upscale restaurants’ menus. And they’re not just being used as ingredients for desserts — they’re in vegetables, main dishes and cocktails, and more.

“I like marshmallows when appropriate to the dish, as a flavor release vehicle,” says Chef Jason Bond of Bondir Cambridge, a Cambridge, Massachusetts farm-house style fine dining restaurant that uses marshmallows in soup.

Chef Phillip Foss of the Michelin-starred Chicago’s EL Ideas, who considers marshmallows part of the modern chef’s arsenal, says the ingredient isn’t just versatile — it helps “put familiarity on the table and have guests transferred to their youth.”

Bond created his own homemade Ras el Hanout marshmallows when he realized how easy they were to make and how well they work…

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Environmentalists Demands Broader PCB Cleanup In Upper Hudson River

CBS New York

GREEN ISLAND, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A group of environmentalists and elected officials renewed their call Tuesday for a broader cleanup of the upper-Hudson River as a final year of dredging looms.

General Electric Co. is scheduled to begin its sixth and expected final season of PCB dredging next month as part of a $2 billion federal Superfund project. Long-running calls for GE to dredge PCB “hot spots” outside the project’s boundaries are taking on urgency because the company will dismantle the sprawling facility that treats the contaminated river sediments after dredging ends.

“We have a very narrow window of time,” said Scenic Hudson president Ned Sullivan, who held a riverside news conference with a handful of local officials and fellow environmentalists.

Environmentalists contend the massive cleanup will be incomplete unless additional areas are dredged. But GE officials maintain that no additional dredging is warranted because the project is meeting all…

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Rice and sorghum bread

Simply called "Food"

I haven’t made a new bread recipe in a while. The other day I went to a health food exhibition and there was a booth where they presented their gluten free bread. It is a very nice bakery, and I tried it. It was good. Then I tried to reproduce their bread, but in theirs had dairy and eggs. Not everybody can have these because of food intolerance or just because they don’t include these in their diet. Maybe it gives a better texture, but here I am pretty close to what I tasted.

Really a nice gluten-free bread. Soft and moist. Everybody liked it! I even have to make another one because there was none left to take a picture. “Gone with the wind” is not exaggerated . 🙂

One important thing when you make bread is to have fresh yeast. Even more when you work with gluten-free flours. You need something…

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The 50 Weirdest Movies Ever Made


A Lynchian renaissance is happening at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where David Lynch studied painting before his surreal entry into filmmaking with 1977’s Eraserhead. The school is the site of Lynch’s first major museum exhibition in the United States. It was there that he created several short films to animate his artworks, planting the early seeds for Eraserhead — starring Jack Nance as a young father crippled by the anxiety of fatherhood. A mutant baby, industrial cityscape, and shadowy apartment building leave an indelible mark on the viewer. Criterion is re-releasing Eraserhead on Blu-ray September 16. In honor of Lynch and his surreal universe, we’re celebrating 50 other weird works on film — many that rival Lynch’s strange aesthetic.

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This startup says it can make the world’s cheapest solar panels


An eight-year-old startup that has survived hard times and a major pivot has set a new world-record goal for itself: making the world’s cheapest solar panels at $0.28 per watt, whether that’s in the U.S. or in China. The company’s name is Siva Power (originally founded with the name Solexant) and it says in another four years it could make these thin panels at that price at a 300 MW factory that it hopes to fund and build.

It’s an ambitious target. Siva Power originally was looking to make thin-film solar panels by printing the material cadmium-telluride in the form of nanocrystals on to rolls of a flexible metal foil. But it — along with the dozens of other thin-film solar startups like Nanosolar, Solyndra and Miasole — faced tough times when the price of silicon (the key ingredient in traditional solar panels) dropped dramatically and Chinese companies flooded the…

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A straw bale cabin by AATA Arquitectos

Small House Bliss

A straw bale cabin by AATA Arquitectos

This small cabin in a rural area of central Chile uses little energy and has a low carbon footprint. AATA Arquitectos designed the cabin, opting for a two level floor plan to minimize the site impact. The cabin takes the shape of a cube that is 5.4 m (17’9″) on each side.

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Adobe Social Media Intelligence Report: Text engagement down as videos heat up on Facebook


Following its third quarter tracking social media traffic and referrals, Adobe’s Digital Index released its latest Social Media Intelligence Report for Q1 on Monday. While traffic referrals are up year-over-year on many social media platforms, the most interesting information comes from the top dog, Facebook (s fb): as its newly-integrated mobile ads roll out, it is increasing engagement while driving down the effectiveness of text-only posts.

[dataset id=”835894″]

Facebook began rolling out its mobile ads in earnest right in the thick of the first quarter, which explains a lot of Adobe’s data: video ad posts and replays increased 134 percent from Q4 and 734 percent from 2013. But the interesting feature is engagement — instances of users liking, commenting, or sharing on video posts is up 58 percent from Q4 and 25 percent from 2013. Furthermore, the introduction of video ads has actually made text-only ads less valuable, and…

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Bees in northern Europe are dying faster than they should be—and threatening billions in crops